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About this paper

One of the challenges business users talk to us about is, handling data of different variety and size and having the capacity to process and extract information from the data to make a business decision(s). SAS® Enterprise Guide (EG) can handle complex data files effortlessly with different file formats coming from various data sources, in addition, SAS Visual Analytics (VA) with its vibrant visuals can be used to develop business-friendly dashboards. Did you ever have a need to publish or update the comments and insights while analyzing the results in the dashboard while it is visible to others in real time? SAS VA has the unique capability to solve this use case using SAS stored procedures by interacting with external URLs.

This paper demonstrates how a user can enter their comments/insights to publish them real-time in the SAS VA dashboard. The paper also describes how to associate each record in a SAS VA List table object by linking it to an external link, each record in the SAS List table links to the PDF dashboards (created by Excel VBA) residing in the server, which can be downloaded by clicking on the record in the SAS VA List table. The paper also introduces a process to send customized emails to the end users using SAS EG. These emails can be customized by subject, body, and attachments (PDF dashboards).

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