Modern Data & Analytics Ecosystem

About this download

A downloadable full-size, full color 18×24 inch poster. The poster breaks down the six core areas of a Modern Data and Analytics Ecosystem and organizes them into The Data Sources, The Cloud Data & Analytics Fabric and Value Delivery. Each section provides a description of the key activities involved. The 6 areas are:

1. Sources
2. Processing
3. Storage
4. Governance
5. Operations
6. Consumers

About Core Compete

Founded in 2012, Core Compete is a pioneer in Cloud Analytics and is based in Durham, North Carolina with offices in Dallas, London and India (Pune and Hyderabad). We currently have 200+ employees and over 450 cloud and technology certifications, with highly specialized skills including: domain consultants, data scientists, and cloud engineers. Core Compete is an ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified organization.

We partner with AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, SAS, Snowflake, Hortonworks and Tableau to deliver successful cloud analytics and big data transformations for major corporations worldwide.

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