Systems of Innovation

Enterprises are seeking to achieve tangible financial impact through process innovations and new product ideas by leveraging the unprecedented opportunities provided by big data, artificial intelligence and cloud. These systems of innovation cannot be built with a traditional IT mind-set or investments in data-analytics alone. They require a set of skills that are both business and IT and demand agility, business experimentation, readiness to operationalize the analytic insights.

Your business is unique, your opportunities are unique, your constraints are unique. Can you create innovation in your business by buying something out of a box? Systems of Innovation cannot be bought off the shelf. These are systems that your organization needs to create competitive advantage, through unique ways of understanding your customers, products and organizations, rapid execution that outpaces your competition and creates customer and investor delight.

Core Compete specializes in creating such systems of innovation. We bring a pragmatic blend of domain and business consulting experience, analytical and data management prowess and systems development capabilities to help you deliver financial value from big data.

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.” – John Cage, American Composer

How We Do It

We help you create systems of innovation by utilizing the following principles:
  • Innovation results from systematic experimentation
  • Innovation is not about reinventing the wheel
  • Innovation is about failing (and succeeding) fast

Based on these principles, we have developed an end-to-end delivery methodology that:

  • Creating Enterprise Data Lake as a foundation for supporting big data innovation
  • Starts with building a solid foundation on data and analytics
  • Leverages next generation big data platforms and technology stacks
  • Gets tools into end-users hands quickly for experimentation, feedback and improvement
  • Delivers projects in 8-12 weeks by prioritizing value over just features
  • Enables to embed analytics into the organization’s decisions and actions
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