How Data Vault Helps Overcome The Big 3 Challenges of Data Warehouse Modernization

In this article, Khari Villela, highlights the three biggest challenges of digital transformation of and enterprise data warehouse and shares how Data Vault can help an organization tackle these issues. An excerpt is posted here and the full article can be read on Medium.

Executive Summary

Cloud compute and data platforms are developing at a staggering rate. The technology offers capabilities that were inconceivable just a few years ago. Automation and machine learning can do much of the heavy lifting and perform many of the repetitive tasks that have been the hallmark of data warehousing since its inception. Cloud data platforms offer pay-for-what-you-use pricing with virtually unlimited compute and storage.

However, for all of the advances that technology brings to the table, businesses are realizing that there are still many challenges in how people interact with data. Traditional approaches to data warehousing still have fundamental underlying problems that remain unaddressed even by the latest and greatest technologies and platforms. No one would ever say that traditional data warehousing was nimble and responsive. However, the volume, velocity and variety that are hallmarks of the modern data landscape have highlighted the lack of agility, complexity of expansion and the inherent difficulty of data integration that are endemic in the warehouse.

One approach to addressing these shortcomings can be found in Data Vault. So, what IS Data Vault? Data Vault 2.0 is a system of business intelligence that enables data warehousing and information delivery. While it doesn’t quite have the same buzz as Agile or DataOps, it has been under development for 20 years and has been proven in many enterprise-scale implementations around the world. Data Vault provides a systematic approach to architecting, operating, and modeling a data and analytics ecosystem to overcome many of the biggest problems with traditional data lake and data warehouse implementations.

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About the Author

Khari Villela, Director of Solution Architecture

Khari leads the Cloud Data Warehousing practice at Core Compete.  With 20 years of experience as an architect and CTO, Khari specializes in making data architecture easier to understand for business people and techies alike.