Evolve your SAS ANALYTICS PLATFORM to the Cloud


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Modernizing Architecture of different layers of the stack allows you to achieve Full Benefits…

SAS on Cloud Technology Stack

Accelerating Your Analytics Modernization Journey

Our offering spans the full stack of services to execute SAS on Cloud migration journey for your enterprise and deliver the full benefits of modern analytics platform capabilities.

SAS on Cloud Modernization and Optimization

We bring our deep capabilities in designing and building the environment/ new operating model, uncovering modernization and optimization opportunities afforded by taking SAS applications to cloud-native and container-based architectures, and refactor SAS code to optimize performance on the new platform.

SAS on Cloud Modernization Strategy and Roadmap Advisory

We help you identify where are you are today with our Modernization Assessment tools, the vision for your business, and the value you’re trying to achieve from migrating SAS to cloud-native technologies, then we create a roadmap to get you there.

SAS on Cloud Managed Services

Core Compete {A}3 is a turn-key managed service that allows analytics organizations to achieve rapid Big Data and Analytics innovation in a simple and cost-effective manner. This service is available on all the major public cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure).


  • Our strategic partnerships with SAS and major Cloud vendors combined with deep knowledge of implementing SAS Platform in cloud-native architectures allow us to apply the right solutions to successfully navigate the pitfalls and opportunities of modernization journey that are unique to your organization
  • Core Compete has technology and process accelerator tools for executing large-scale SAS workload migration, validation, and optimization to enable rapid time to value
  • Core Compete {A}3 cloud management platform provides SAS application-aware monitoring and management for the full stack including infrastructure, SAS platform, and applications

SAS on Containers

There is an increasing trend of containers being deployed in production. Containers are the currency of deployment. At CoreCompete we have embraced containers to orchestrate analytic workloads including SAS analytic workloads. AWS batch and Kubernetes frameworks are ideal to orchestrate these jobs. Containers have a significant advantage over virtual machines from an operational standpoint.

Kubernetes frameworks and its clear delineation of storage and compute combined with support for different storage classes makes it an ideal fit for analytic orchestration. Kubernetes can run on various platforms: cloud providers, on-premise and laptops – this makes it ubiquitous. With the advent of hybrid clouds and solutions like Anthos – Kubernetes is emerging as a leader in this space as well.

Core Compete Container Framework

We have operationalized thousands of SAS containers running in production. We have experience running them on AWS Cloud, GCP cloud and on Kubernetes.  Analytic orchestration framework for containers has the following characteristics

  • Idempotent design– This lets us handle failures in an elegant way
  • Elastic Compute – Design compute to be auto-scaled
  • Image Size Optimization – We optimize the size of the image to reduce the download time of the container image from the registry
  • On Demand Storage – Analytics and storage go hand in hand. We design the storage interaction with container based on the use case and provision them on demand
  • Reduced Cost Footprint – Solution is designed to provision compute and temporary storage on demand
  • Resource optimization – Identify the right CPU and RAM resources needed for optimal performance.

Sampling of Reference Architectures

Here are a few reference architectures we have running in production environments at major clients. Click to enlarge diagrams.

Breadth of Experience

Core Compete has modernized SAS Analytics Platforms for major global organizations covering a wide range of use cases. We are FIRST to deliver SAS Analytics Platform on all three major Cloud Platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure).


Transformed Big Data Analytics for a Major Theme Park


Containerized SAS Analytics Workloads for Advanced Auto


Optimized SAS Performance for Toyota Financial Services


Implemented Modern Real-Time Analytics Platform on SAS Viya and AWS at Shop Direct


Deployed zero-downtime, 24/7 SAS Analytics Infrastructure on AWS Cloud to support mission-critical applications for Cox Automotive

Experience and Case Studies


SAS analytics on AWS for mission-critical availability


Migrate from on-prem to SAS Grid on Azure


Containerizing SAS analytics for massive analytics workloads


Spark and Hadoop with SAS on cloud to optimize data management


SAS platform modernization on Viya and Azure

Real-time analytics on SAS Viya and AWS


SAS on cloud integrated with clickstream data in QuboleML for Pricing Analytics


SAS code performance optimization for IFRS 9 scoring


SAS on cloud integrated with audience analytics data lake in Redshift

Connect with our SAS on Cloud Specialists

David Park


David has a passion for using leading edge technology and analytics to solve real world business problems for customers. He has held executive positions in financial and software organizations including Accenture, Credit Suisse, Lehman Brothers, SAS, Freddie Mac and First Citizens Bank. He has degrees from Princeton and UNC-Kenan Flagler and enjoys competitive sports including soccer and basketball.

Diane Hatcher


Diane has proven leadership in defining and delivering successful products and solutions across both B2B and B2C enterprises. She has worked for a variety of organizations that leverage technology and analytics in very different ways. A marketing major by education, she is a geek at heart. She is loving the intersection of analytics, technology, and user experiences. She holds a BS in Marketing from Illinois and an MBA in Management Information Systems from Indiana. She is also PMP-certified, because why not?

Siddharth Prasad


Sid has over 10 years of experience in designing and architecticing modern analytics and technology environments. Having worked on 3 continents at SAS and Allianz, Sid has not only a worldwide view of technology, but he has developed an enthusiasm for exploring new places and always learning new things.

Fahad Ali


Fahad has over 10 years of experience in technology and worked at HP, Bluestar Infotech. He is a self-proclaimed "cloud enthusiast" who devours all the latest cloud technology information and trends. Always interested in tackling a new challenge, these days Fahad is trying his hand in body building.

Rohit Shetty


Rohit started his career with Accenture followed by SAS R&D where he consulted in the telecom, manufacturing and retail industries. His focus in on developing innovative, modern analytics environments including SAS solutions on cloud with big data. He also has extensive work with AWS, GCP, Hortonworks and other emerging technologies. Outside work Rohit loves to sing and play the guitar.