The Clock is Ticking

Retailers are at a critical inflection point

  • Merchandising needs to evolve to become more data-driven for trend spotting, shifts in customer preferences and managing the product lifecycle
  • Marketing needs to deliver hyper-personalization and rich real-time contextual experiences for customers to engage with the brand
  • Operations needs to make sure that the omni-channel experience is accentuated by ensuring the right staffing of knowledgeable personnel and products are kept in-stock

Leading retailers recognize that a new way of working and a next generation of data-driven execution is needed to operate in the new world.

They are figuring out how to leverage detailed, real-time information about current and potential customers— to reach, engage and delight them.

Do you have the right partner for your digital transformation?

Core Compete is the right partner to accelerate retail transformations. We bring expertise in retail, the latest cloud and analytics technologies and effectively partner with your business and IT organizations. We have delivered solutions to retailers around the world to transform their marketing, analytics, merchandising and supply chain operations.

Retail Clients

Analytical Solutions

We deliver AI and ML driven solutions that will enhance your competitive advantage. We combine our domain expertise to build solutions on industry leading platforms such as Google Cloud, SAS and AWS. Learn more about some of the solutions we delivered to global retailers.


Cloud Data Warehousing (CDW)

We bring expertise in cloud data warehouses such as Snowflake, AWS Redshift and Google Big Query. Our CDW accelerators significantly reduce the risks associated with complex migrations or deployment of new workloads.

Big Data Managed Services

Core Compete’s Big Data Managed Services can take away the burden of managing your cloud, data management or analytics and SAS applications. This enables you to focus on the activities that bring forth your context and differentiation.

Cloud Analytics Modernization Assessment (CAMA)

Leveraging our proprietary tools and methodology to develop a roadmap for your cloud modernization through a bottom-up analysis of the applications deployed, the complexity of the code and its current performance. Combining this with TCO analysis we deliver roadmaps that drive value.

Why Core Compete?

We deliver compelling solutions to accelerate your transformation initiatives.

Retail Expertise

We have worked with the largest retailers around the world to help accelerate their analytics and digital journeys. Our experience spans both business and technology enabling us to understand the best way to deploy reliable and secure technology to achieve business objectives in a timely manner.

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Only Retail Analytics Vendor with Strong Cloud & Big Data Expertise

Analytics solutions often remain as ad-hoc solutions due to lack of operational integration. We are the only analytics vendor that has the proven expertise to bring cloud (Google Premier Partner, AWS Advanced Consulting Partner) and Big Data (GCP, AWS, Snowflake, Hadoop & SAS) expertise. We have more than 200 trained cloud and big data professionals and more than a dozen accelerators that can help you leverage the full potential of the cloud.

Agile Analytics Managed Service

We bring expertise in SAS, Hadoop, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud to help you manage these applications to perform at their highest levels while delivering cost optimization for the most demanding workloads.

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