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    Retail Sales growth declining in most markets
    Source: TradingEconomics.com

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    Online retail growth of 20% is the key driver in EU & N.America
    Source: RetailSearch.org

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    Constantly Growing Price Transparency


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    New retail investing 22% of sales in Technology related Capital Investments vs 6.5% by traditional retail

The Challenges

Retailers are facing unprecedented transformation in their business models and the playbook is being completely re-written.

Price transparency, innovative fulfillment options and digital native customers are re-setting expectations of service. New generation retailers are adding new technologies while traditional retail is struggling to renovate old stores.

Mere optimization of existing processes is insufficient to create retail organizations that will sustain and grow in the next century.

The Solutions

Competing in the next century: Strategic Imperatives
Retailers that seek to thrive in the next century are likely to employ a mix of the following strategies:

Create and Reward Loyalty

Winning retailers have proven that they can generate superior business growth and customer engagement through improving their analytical and operational rigor in their loyalty programs. Retailers need to deliver on the promise of personalized offers, experiences and pricing to reward loyalty.

Develop Agile Supply Chains

Shorter order to deliver cycles and cost-effective flow of smaller quantities to stores and customers are critical capabilities that winning retailers will need to develop. To achieve this they need to forecast and react better to demand.

Integrate Online and Offline

Retailers must find a way to integrate the value proposition of the on-line and stores presence into a cohesive whole. Developing an understanding of the customer journey and identifying enablers and hindrances in this journey to create this integrated experience and its financial impact is critical for success.

Core Compete Difference

Our retail team brings industry expertise combined with big data and analytics expertise together helping you achieve business results in a timely & cost-effective manner

Advisory Services

We work with retail executives to develop roadmaps for addressing the strategic opportunities. We bring the right blend of: domain experience in retail, understanding of the technology landscape and a data driven approach that blends data from all the relevant sources to provide a comprehensive approach to achieve your objectives.

Loyalty Analytics

We enable retailers to deliver on the propositions of loyalty based marketing and merchandising by providing analytics driven technology and services. We deliver technical capabilities for your organization to improve areas such as: customer segmentation, product recommendations, precision targeting and basket analyses to support tailored assortments.

Voice of Customer Analytics

Our voice-of-customer analytics take a big data approach to helping you improve your NPS scores and deliver operational improvements. We integrate NPS surveys, customer reviews and ratings, call-center data and sales data into a customer listening platform that provides a 360-degree view of your customer engagement and promotion.

Merchandising Analytics

We can help you improve your decisions on assortment and range management through solutions that identify opportunities for expanding/ contracting range, identify product winners through combining customer ratings and reviews with social media data, promotion effectiveness and price optimization.

Forecasting and Inventory Optimization

Core Compete provides industry leading forecasting and inventory optimization capabilities to help you sense demand and create optimal inventory policies to achieve these goals. We can help you find the right mix of sizes to send to stores to maximize ROI on your inventory.
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