Optimizing Inventory of Slow Moving Products Using SAS Optimization

Optimizing Inventory of Slow Moving Products Using SAS Optimization

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Aiming to use data and science to set service-level goals, Advance Auto Parts engaged Core Compete to deliver a fully integrated service-level (Inventory) optimization system using SAS® Inventory Optimization and SAS/OR® software. The system has the ability to run inventory simulations and execute large-scale optimization for service-level goal optimization, leveraging the batch services on Amazon Web Services. A very large mixed integer optimization problem for inventory cost reduction is solved using the OPTMODEL procedure. The solution has the ability to recommend optimized service-level goals at the SKU/location level. System design integrates a simple Microsoft Excel user interface, data processing in Apache Hadoop, and optimization in SAS® in the cloud and the dashboards in SAS® Visual Analytics in order to review results. The end-to-end process flow for implementing simulations and optimization in large scale is discussed in this paper.


What You Will Learn in the Whitepaper


  • Leveraging Figure 2Inventory Optimization Problem
  • Solution Design
  • Technical Challenges and Resolutions
  • Business Challenges and Resolutions

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