Need More Capacity for your Data Warehouse:  We can save you at least $990,000

Data volumes in your organization are exploding and your data warehouse is bursting at the seams. You have heard of all the hype about Hadoop but it is not well-suited for your workloads of real-time reporting. You don’t seem to have any other options other than to buy that dreaded expansion license (1 TB = $ 1 Million) for your data warehouse. Does this sound like your predicament? Read on, it’s worth at least $990,000.

For one of our customers utilizing the Core Compete A3 service, we identified a model where they could move a majority of the newer, transient work-loads onto a cloud based data warehouse, while utilizing their current data warehouse for traditional workloads. Leveraging Amazon’s Redshift data warehouse as a service, we proved to them that data from syndicated data providers can be made ready for analysis by analysts in 1-2 weeks cutting down the 3-6 month process that is currently employed by the standard data warehousing process. This significantly increased their ability to respond to demand signals when they launched a new drug.

The cost of the AWS Redshift solution, was less than $10,000/ Terabyte. In addition, this system was integrated into other services such as AWS S3, that allowed the customer to store a significantly larger volume of data in an environment that is a fraction of a traditional data warehouse cost (1/10000th), while being able to bring it online for analysis in a matter of minutes.

One of the early concerns that the customer had was around the security model of the cloud based solution and potential risks around this. However, through a series of reviews, we were able to convince that our AWS based architecture was designed to address the demanding security expectations of the client.

We integrated AWS Redshift into the client’s SAS and Tableau environments. The enterprise class SAS Environment which was behind the client’s firewall, was able to send SQL pass-through commands to Redshift, allowing us to leverage the MPP capabilities of AWS and bring back summarized data into SAS for further analysis. The Tableau server environment was deployed directly on top of the Redshift database to enable real-time access to the data for the dashboards that are now widely used to understand launch performance.

Now, the client is also engaged with us for a variety of pilots with integrated delivery networks (IDN), where they bring the IDN data into the Core Compete A3 Service to identify insights specific to the IDN to reduce re-admissions and increase Medicare related shared savings for the IDN.

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