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    Continued downward Profit Margin pressure in Manufacturing & Energy sectors

    Source: NYU Stern School of Business

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    Industrial productivity growth stalled at 1% (since 2011)

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    Top performers have 10% lower inventory carrying costs as a % of annual inventory value
    Source: SupplyChain Management Review

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    Oil & Gas and Manufacturing companies lead IOT deployments in 2016 by 20% compared to other companies
    Source: Gartner

The Challenges

Manufacturing companies, confronted with a perfect storm of declining margins and stalled productivity growth, are facing an inflection point.

Companies at the forefront of innovation are responding by making strategic investments in smart technologies for achieving cost savings, quality improvements, inventory cost reduction, productivity and asset utilization growth, and price capture enhancements.

Taking a tactical approach by refining the traditional playbooks is insufficient for today’s leading companies to maintain a competitive advantage in the next century.

The Solutions

Competing in the next century: Strategic Imperatives
Energy & Manufacturing companies that seek to thrive in the next century are likely to employ a mix of the following strategies:

Enhance Price Execution

Innovative manufacturing companies have shown to achieve superior topline growth by effectively leveraging pricing data and analytics to gain insight into customer pocket margin leakage and identify opportunities for margin expansion as well as provide timely customer-specific pricing guidance to their sales teams.

Develop Agile Supply Chains

Shorter order to deliver cycles and cost-effective flow of smaller quantities to warehouses and customers are critical capabilities that winning manufacturers and distributors will need to develop in order to optimize inventory and avoid stock-outs. To achieve this, they need to forecast and react better to demand.

Leverage Voice of Customer

Effective use of Voice of Customer Analytics to incorporate customer feedback for early detection of problems and warranty issues into improving product design and achieving cost recovery from suppliers is a critical success factor for companies to generate cost savings, improved quality, and reduce repair rate.

Core Compete Difference

Our manufacturing team brings industry domain expertise combined with big data and analytics expertise together helping you achieve business results in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our reliance on proven and scalable technologies eliminates any technical risks for your projects.

Advisory Services

We work with manufacturing executives to develop roadmaps for addressing the strategic opportunities. We bring the right blend of: domain experience in manufacturing, understanding of the technology landscape and a data driven approach that blends data from all the relevant sources to provide a comprehensive approach to achieve your objectives.

B2B Pricing Analytics

Our B2B pricing solution allows sales, marketing, and pricing organizations in manufacturing companies to effectively leverage pricing data driven insights to increase profits by 10-12%. Our solution combines siloed data into a powerful pricing datamart and provides analytical insights to improve areas such as: customer pocket margin visibility, price-volume-mix analysis to measure price change impact, precise pricing guidance to sales teams and what-if-analysis to support pricing decisions.

Voice of Customer Analytics

Our voice-of-customer analytics solution takes a big data approach to help manufacturing companies to improve quality, product innovation, and deliver operational improvements. It supports integration of NPS surveys, customer reviews and ratings, warranty issues, call-center data and sales data into an end-to-end customer listening platform.

Forecasting and Inventory Optimization

Core Compete provides industry leading forecasting and inventory optimization capabilities to help you sense demand and create optimal inventory policies to achieve these goals. We can help you find the right mix of sizes to send to stores to maximize ROI on your inventory.

IOT Analytics

We can help to analyze 24×7 continuous manufacturing operations data to identify golden recipes for achieving highest production yield.  We can help you to develop models for predicting and flagging failures for maximizing asset performance.  In addition, we can work with you to create predictive models for real-time monitoring of manufacturing lines to reduce process variation and product scrap.
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