Leveraging Analytics to Optimize Call Center Operations

Leveraging Analytics to Optimize Call Center Operations

graph for levaraging analytics for call center optimization
Overview of Analytical Techniques


Today companies that run call centers are on the lookout for ways to improve customer service and reduce costs. To achieve these goals, the focus has historically been on outsourcing strategies or on improving their digital presence, to reduce inbound calls. The area often overlooked by these companies is the growth in computing power and cloud computing. Technologies that allow analysis and processing of huge volumes of data, in many cases, in real-time. Given these developments, companies looking to optimize call center operations need to use analytics as a strategic lever.

This paper discusses a hypothetical lending organization, EasyCredit. Its is struggling with addressing high volume calls to their customer care call center. EasyCredit is planning to use data science to optimize their call handling. This paper aims to describe the conceptual design, to utilize the power of Machine learning for optimization and simulation, to streamline call handling. Machine learning algorithms have been used to profile the complexity of callers and profile customer service executives/agents receiving the calls. Simulation has been used to design the abstract of a real system.


K-Means Cluster Example

What You Will Learn in the Whitepaper


  • Overview of Analytical Techniques
  • Implementation of Machine Learning and Optimization
  • Easy Credit Exploratory Analysis
  • Caller Profiling using K-Means Clustering
  • Agent Profiling using K-Means Clustering
  • Optimization – Skill based Agent Assignment
  • Designing Queue Simulation to Support Resource Planning
  • Technology Stack

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