Chief Analytics Officer: Unbounded

You are a new Chief Analytics Officer and you have the mandate to create business impact using advanced analytics and create an analytics driven culture. You are then faced with the realities of budgets, timelines, competing IT priorities and the lack of resources to get things done fast. What do you do next?

In 2013, Anthony Volpe, joined Lenovo as the Corporate Chief Analytics Officer with a similar mandate. He said “I had the challenge of delivering measurable results within the first 12 months, I could not afford to spend 12 months getting my infrastructure and team figured out, we needed to move fast, and needed an approach that will allow us make some quick decisions and re-visit them as we gathered more information. However, we were not looking for a quick fix or a PoC environment, we needed something that could scale to our global needs if the pilots succeeded. After evaluating various alternatives, we concluded that CoreCompete’s A3 service really offered us the best of option.”

Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), CoreCompete created an elastic analytical environment. CoreCompete is unique in the way that it’s team has skills not just in AWS but also in enterprise analytical tools like SAS, SPSS, Tableau and Hadoop and combines it with their experience in helping enterprises capture financial value from deploying predictive analytics.

In 30 days, CoreCompete delivered an infrastructure and team that allowed Lenovo to confidently execute on a range of initiatives. Anthony says “In my first six months, we were able to pilot initiatives on a big scale that involved understanding quality using social data, optimizing inventory using internal supply chain data, and doing what-if planning on our sourcing networks. We could not achieve this without the agility and flexibility we got through AWS and CoreCompete”.

Do you want to be a Chief Analytics Officer that is Unbounded?

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