Hadoop Deployments

Big data has become an essential part of decision making in business. It offers significant insights to companies and business leaders. But at the same time, it raises many challenges which our traditional system cannot handle. Therefore, one must understand these challenges in detail before implementing big data in an organization.
Hadoop is hard to manage

While Hadoop and the surrounding ecosystem of tools is lauded for its ability to handle massive volumes of structured and unstructured data, the software isn’t easy to manage or use. Hadoop frequently requires extensive internal resources to maintain, and many businesses are left devoting most of their resources to the technology rather than to the actual big data problem they are trying to solve.

Scalability of Change

Many organizations fail to take into account how quickly a big data project can grow and evolve. Big data workloads also tend to be bursty, making it difficult to allocate capacity for resources.

The Big Data Talent Gap

To successfully implement a big data project requires a sophisticated team of developers, data scientists and analysts who also have a sufficient amount of domain knowledge to identify valuable insights.

Actionable insights

A key challenge for data science teams is to identify a clear business objective and the appropriate data sources to collect and analyze to meet that objective. Once key patterns have been identified, businesses must be prepared to act and make necessary changes in order to derive business value from them.

Cost Management

The challenge lies in taking into account all costs of the project. Businesses pursuing on-premises projects must remember the cost of training, maintenance and expansion. Big data in the cloud projects must carefully evaluate the service-level agreement with the provider to determine how usage will be billed and if there will be any additional fees.

While the number of big data challenges can be overwhelming, it also presents an opportunity. Those businesses who are able to identify the right infrastructure for their big data project and follow best practices for implementation will see a significant competitive advantage.

We are a Big Data Analytics Consulting organization specialized in Hadoop & SAS. Our 100+ consultants bring end-to-end expertise in Big Data technologies and solutions to drive business value.  Our skill-sets in complementary technologies such as cloud (AWS, Azure) and SAS allow us to deliver greater value by optimizing the value of Big Data in the context of modern cloud and High Performance Analytics architectures.

Core Compete offers consulting, implementation, and support services in Big Data Analytics.

We offer the following services

  • Evaluation of most suitable technology and providing services on the appropriate platform
  • Architecture Assessment, Prototyping & Benchmarking
  • Installation and Configuration of Hadoop
  • Developing applications on Hadoop using Pig, Hive, Scoop, Flume, Kafka, Spark etc
  • Hadoop Cluster Monitoring
  • Configure Hadoop for performance optimization
  • Data Management in Hadoop

Core Compete Difference

Accelerating the financial impact from Big Data using Hadoop Technologies & Solutions

Core Compete has partnered with customers globally to successfully deliver the value of Big Data for their organizations in an agile manner. We have successfully worked on client engagements including:

  • Creating Enterprise Data Lake as a foundation for supporting big data innovation
  • Delivering the value of machine learning & advanced analytics in specific business contexts
  • Development of roadmaps for data management, business intelligence and analytics
  • Deployment of Hadoop technologies and open source ecosystem services including Pig, Hive, Scoop, Flume, Kafka, and Spark
  • Designing and Implementing next generation technology stacks using Cloud and High Performance Analytics to achieve outcomes that are scalable and cost effective
Partnership with Hortonworks, SAS, and AWS to deliver end-to-end solutions

We combine our decades of experience in data management, big data technologies, advanced analytics, enterprise and cloud deployment models to deliver comprehensive solutions to a broad range of industries such as Banking, Financial Services, Retail and Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telecommunications, and E-Commerce.

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