Core Compete has embraced a culture of learning and innovation since its inception. Holding Hackathons and Learning Challenges are just a couple ways Core Compete inspires employees across all geographies and levels to ideate, innovate and advance their skills. In all of this, we encourage the use of cutting-edge technology to solve business and social problems. In celebration of our 6th anniversary, we conducted Hackathon 2018. This was the second edition of a Hackathon event where teams from across our global locations, from the US to Europe and India, participated and applied their talents and imagination to interesting challenges.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”                                                             
– Albert Einstein
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Core Compete Hackathon 2018 inspired ideas ranging from politics, chatbots and sports, to automation in the cloud, self-remediation, IOT and cost optimization. Developers put their hearts and minds to the projects they had a passion for. In total, there were 28 hackathon projects with each project having 3 to 4 team members from across global locations. This was a remarkably high participation rate and reflects the culture of learning, innovation and personal initiative that Core Compete espouses. The ideas imagined by developers correlated with industry trends around topics that reflect the pulse of activity at Core Compete and included: data orchestration and processing, machine learning and analytics automation.

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The excitement and energy that Hackathon 2018 instilled was palpable and unprecedented. Teams were given cloud accounts on AWS and GCP that allowed them to take their ideas from concepts to reality. Allowing teams to come up with their own ideas helped attract three times more participants compared to last year. Another enabling factor was that this year we helped developers “clear the deck” of deliverables on the days of the event so they could manage their busy calendars and commitments.  Overall, Hackathon 2018 was held for three days and Core Compete provided all the logistics support so that the developers could spend more time creating and less time setting things up.

Here is a summary that provides a flavor of this year’s projects:

  1. Managing tollway billing using Google Cloud Platform Pub-sub and Google Vision API
  2. Recommending the end of gerrymandering of Congressional Districts by using unbiased, objective criteria
  3. Improving Intelligent Process Automation by identifying entities from scanned invoices using TensorFlow and cloud-based Machine Learning
  4. Exploring Predictive Analytics to answer the question, “Who is going to win the elections?” by using real-time analysis of citizens’ sentiments about major political parties
  5. Creating Apache Airflow Load Balancing to accelerate and optimize the processing of massive data workloads by predicting the capacity required by Airflow and scaling it up or down automatically based on the projected demand
  6. Using voice recognition and Alexa to talk to your data resulting in a more modernized Business Intelligence platform
  7. Applying analytics to Cricket and using big data to help identify and predict who will be the next Kohli, world-renowned batsman and Captain of India’s National Cricket Team
  8. Enabling Chatbots to automatically execute actions on behalf of administrators using mobile clients
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About Core Compete

Founded in 2012, Core Compete is a pioneer in Cloud Analytics and is based in Durham, North Carolina with offices in Dallas, London and India (Pune and Hyderabad). We currently have 200+ employees and over 450 cloud and technology certifications across these locations, with highly specialized skills including: domain consultants, data scientists, and big data & cloud engineers.  We are an ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified organization.

We have delivered successful cloud analytics and big data transformations for major corporations worldwide. We partner with AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, SAS, Hortonworks and Tableau to deliver the modern, elastic cloud analytic solutions.

We have been recognized as:

  • Consulting Magazine Top 5 Fastest Growing Consulting Firms 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • SAS Partner of the Year (2016, 2018)
  • NC Top 10 Startups to Watch