Google Cloud


Google Cloud

Services and Competencies

We enable our clients to innovate using Google Cloud’s Big Data and Computing services. We have the competencies, expertise and experience to accelerate your big data and analytics initiatives on Google Cloud.


Competency and Expertise



With more than 100 Google Cloud Certifications in Data Engineering and Cloud Architecture, and more than 50 enterprise deployments of cloud based big data and analytics solutions, we bring the expertise that is needed to help you achieve your goals rapidly.

AI & ML Competency

The collaboration of our AI Practitioners with our customers has resulted in a practical application of Google’s AI in industries such as Retail, Media and Transportation and the list keeps growing.

Audited Managed Services

Core Compete is a SOC 2, Type 2 certified organization. In addition, our managed services offerings undergo annual audits to prove that we are consistently adhering to the practices of a next generation MSP.