Forecast Health: How we built a Secure HIPAA Compliant Big Data Environment leveraging AWS

How does your doctor make sure that you don’t get re-admitted? Generally, they are awash with data about your health, but have very limited data on your behavior outside the health system. On top of it, they really don’t know how to synthesize all this information in the limited time they have with their patients to come up with an actionable and tailored set of actions.

Forecast Health, a Durham, NC based start-up precisely aims to address this problem. Synthesizing data from Electronic Health Records (EHR), Insurance Claims and more than 100 consumer behavior oriented data sets, they provide actionable predictive risk scores that are integrated directly into the EHR system that the physician already uses.

While what they do is amazing in its own right. What’s even more amazing is that they were able to get from the ground up and running with a lean staff in less than 60 days. Leveraging Amazon Web Services, Core Compete built a HIPAA Compliant Cloud Environment that enabled the Forecast Health staff to bring large datasets from Center for Medicare Services (CMS), syndicated data providers that provided patient level identifiable data and from within the health system in a cost-effective manner.  In addition, leveraging the elasticity of the AWS cloud and the variety of on-demand services such as EMR (Hadoop) and RedShift, Core Compete provided an environment that was designed to scale for the most highly demanded workloads. The entire environment was validated by external auditors.

“The Core Compete team enabled us to get up and running very quickly allowing us to prove our capabilities very quickly to both our investors and our early customers. Without Core Compete and the AWS cloud, our business would have never taken off”, said Dr. Michael Cousins, President, Forecast Health.

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