Data Management: Mobile Data Foundation to Enable Hyper Local Marketing

Our client was a mobile advertising network, seeking to deliver hyper-local mobile advertising in the Western European market. A key part of their infrastructure is a mobile data foundation that secures mobile usage data from mobile operators and organizes the data to support ad/ offer analyses and messaging.

CoreCompete was responsible for the overall design and delivery of the data foundation. This required us to design the staging area for data from 4 different mobile operators (CSPs), develop the ETL from these
to the marketing platform using SAS Data Integration, setting up the infrastructure across multiple environments and automating the end-to-end process, including the data validation processes.

Value Delivered
CoreCompete worked with the client’s team and several other projects that were simultaneously getting executed in an agile development model. We delivered the mobile foundation, capable of scaling to large data volumes (call detail records for millions of customers). Given the context of the project, we demonstrated our ability to deliver on performance engineering and large scale automation of data management processes.

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