Corporate Sales Forecast: 700 Property North America Hotel Chain

Our client had over 3000 corporate customers who contributed to more than a third of their revenues and profit.  Historically, the annual planning for these accounts was around application of a top-down target uniformly for all accounts (and hence the sales managers that managed them). The client sought an outcome that was more reflective of the account’s potential and did not require a huge amount of analysis by their sales operations team. In addition, the annual planning process for sales target and rate communication to clients was marred by a manually intensive spreadsheet driven process that would not get completed in time and required significant additional effort from the sales operations teams.

CoreCompete developed an account level revenue forecast that was rolled up and converted into sales targets for individual sales managers. Corporate and Regional Vice Presidents got the roll-up of their respective teams’ numbers through an intuitive dashboard. Sales managers had the ability to review their targets, understand the basis for the forecast, and recommend adjustments to their numbers in an online tool. This led to a consistent analytically driven system that was being used by all the team and completion of annual planning processes in a timely manner.

Value Delivered
The Revenue Forecast and Rate renewal tool resulted in precise, actionable goals that reflect the overall intent of growing their revenue by 9%. It decreased project completion time by an estimated 4 months compared to last year and was on schedule for first time in at least 2 years. Integrated disparate data sources throughout the client organization to improve visibility and enhanced decision-making by management. This project was delivered in a phased manner over a period of 16 weeks, with the first part of the application in production in 4 weeks.

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