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Data Warehouse Migration

Is this the year you move your Data Warehouse to the Cloud?

Data is the lifeblood of the enterprise. 

Are you using data to best advantage or are there untapped insights that are leaving opportunities unexplored?

Is your existing enterprise data warehouse keeping pace with the needs of your business or does it seem like it’s getting in the way?

Are you locked into an expensive on-premise data warehouse appliance that just doesn’t have the capacity to handle the many new sources your data scientists and business analysts want to use?


Cloud Migrations – The Promise and the Challenge

Cloud data warehouse technologies have been developed from the ground up to answer the limitations and short comings of the traditional on-premise enterprise data warehouse.  Offering “pay for what you use” pricing models, de-coupled compute and storage, and native support for semi-structured data, these systems provide next generation capabilities to businesses that transition their data and processes.

However, the reality is that migrating to a cloud data warehouse isn’t as easy as some of the marketing materials might suggest.  Here are a few things to think about when considering a move to a cloud data warehouse.



Technology selection

There are seemingly endless vendors and technologies offering cloud-native database processing.  Even once you pick a cloud host, there are still far too many choices to make an easy decision.  On Amazon Web Services alone there are 16 different database offerings.  Factoring in orchestration, ingestion, and data processing engines complicates the decision even further



Once you’ve picked a technology stack, how are you going to migrate your data?  The tradition approach of Lift & Shift is popular, offering relatively low risk but at the expense of potentially not taking advantage of all of the new capabilities of the technologies you’re moving to.  Deciding to go with a Move & Improve increases the upside along with potentially increased risk while a Refactor & Rebuild approach risks a lengthy and expensive project without delivering real business value to your end-users.


Run & Maintain

Once you’ve got your new cloud data warehouse developed and in production, you need to ask yourself how you’re going to support it?  Does your IT department have the bandwidth and, more critically, the knowledge and experience to manage, update and troubleshoot the technology stack you selected for your architecture?  If not, how are you going to scale up to handle the new responsibilities?

Cloud Migration Experience

Core Compete has extensive experience to assist you in all phases of your Cloud Data Warehouse migration.

Our cloud migration plans typically organize the work into a plan, build and manage phase


Planning & Estimation

Starting with a capability based strategic vision of what goes into a modern cloud data and analytics ecosystem, Core Compete works with our clients to recommend technologies that will fit their unique needs.

Our Data Discovery and Project Architecture accelerators enable us to deliver comprehensive estimations, technology roadmaps, and proofs of concept faster and more accurately than the competition.



Beyond accelerators for rapid development, automated test and standardized architectures, Core Compete has developed a Rapid Time to Value delivery methodology.

We architect our solutions to deliver early and real value to the business through iterative releases and agile development practices.


Run & Maintain

There are lots of vendors out there that you can pay to “keep the lights on” and make sure your cloud data warehouse is up and running.  In fact, your IT department might even believe that this part of the equation requires so little maintenance, it’s not even worth considering.  After all, that is one of the main promises of cloud-based services.

Core Compete has developed a comprehensive application-aware data operations and management services that goes beyond simple operational continuity.  Our A3 Management Platform offers integrated performance metrics for analytics outcomes combined with runtime and run-cost monitoring and alerts.

Case Studies

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Connect with our Cloud Data Warehouse Specialists

Khalid Soufny


Khalid has over 25 years of experience delivering analytics and cloud-based solutions for various industries such as specialty pharmacy, big pharma, hospitality, retail and manufacturing. Most recently, Khalid worked for Oracle USA developing BI solutions for the Oracle Knowledge platform. He loves traveling to Europe especially Paris and Barcelona.

Sumanth Yamala


Sumanth is an architect and leads the US data engineering practice. Sumanth has experience architecting enterprise applications in analytic and pricing domains, and enabling them in the cloud. He loves nature and walking.

Siddharth Prasad


Sid has over 10 years of experience in designing and architecticing modern analytics and technology environments. Having worked on 3 continents at SAS and Allianz, Sid has not only a worldwide view of technology, but he has developed an enthusiasm for exploring new places and always learning new things.

Nageswara Sastry


Nageswara has 15 years of experience in architecting and implementing various cloud and analytic solutions for customers. He has previously worked for Tech Mahindra, SAS R&D and Bank of America. Outside work he likes to listen to music and play with his daughter. He is now trying to learn and understand various languages that his daughter started speaking.

Diane Hatcher


Diane has proven leadership in defining and delivering successful products and solutions across both B2B and B2C enterprises. She has worked for a variety of organizations that leverage technology and analytics in very different ways. A marketing major by education, she is a geek at heart. She is loving the intersection of analytics, technology, and user experiences. She holds a BS in Marketing from Illinois and an MBA in Management Information Systems from Indiana. She is also PMP-certified, because why not?