Have a Need for Speed? Accelerate Your Analytics.

Core Compete’s Cloud Analytics services enable you to make data-driven decisions at the rapid pace of modern business. Ask any question of the data. Model any scenario. Drive maximum value and do it faster by transforming your analytics.

Whether you’re seeking to create compelling customer experiences, improving productivity or managing risks, our cloud analytics services will integrate all of your data in a modern cloud data warehouse, deploy powerful applications and models to analyze and gain insight and build compelling AI & ML solutions that improve your business.

Why Cloud Analytics?

  • Exponential growth in data is not handled effectively by current data warehouses
  • Deep learning and machine learning models require modern, elastic infrastructures for high performance
  • The agility and experimentation possible in a cloud infrastructure is needed for achieving ROI on analytical investments
  • Desire from data and analytics professionals to leverage open source technologies at scale without extensive reliance on the IT organization

Explosive Data Growth

      Exabytes – 1 Exabyte = 1 x 10^18 bytes

Why Core Compete?

We specialize in bringing together the right set of skills to drive successful digital transformations powered by Cloud Analytics.

Domain Experience – Delivering practical and powerful cloud analytics solutions across multiple industry verticals including retail, manufacturing, financial services, media and telecom

Analytics Innovation – Leveraging the latest in machine learning, artificial intelligence and optimization to create models that help you see the future and automate decision making

Technology Know-How – Working with the latest data engineering and cloud technologies to address complex and large-scale problems cost effectively

Agility – Achieving rapid time to value with a well-defined delivery methodology that simplifies complex problems and technologies into interative releases that deliver clear business value


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