Project Description

Top 10 Broadcasting Company

Data Lake for Audience Analytics

The Challenge

Our client, a major media house, relies heavily on Nielsen data for mission critical advertising and content-related decisioning. The data scientists at our client were having difficulty creating meaningful analytics in a timely fashion from the daily data feeds provided by Nielsen. Historically, it was not possible to integrate this voluminous of data into the EDW.

Consequently, most of this data was underutilized, limited to one-off queries and a few standard reports, without the potential to do deep drill-downs and develop machine learning and forecasting models.

  • Industry: Media & Entertainment

  • Location: New York, NY

  • Revenue: > $10 Billion

Project Highlights

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Massive Datasets


Interactive Data Visualization


The Solution

Core Compete delivered a cloud-based data and analytics platform built using Google Cloud Platform technologies that included a data ingest and transformation pipeline, a data lake for source datasets and data mart for curated data.

The solution ingests real time data files sourced from Nielsen’s FTP server, transfers the data to GCP for processing and makes these datasets available in a BigQuery hosted data lake and data mart.  Nielsen makes available historical datasets for all of their feeds, and these were also integrated into the solution, incorporating data from 2008 to present.

The Result

The solution has dramatically accelerated the media and entertainment company’s ability to rapidly ingest data, perform critical analytics and derive insights to strengthen decision-making involving their audience. These benefits include:

  • Increased productivity for data analysts
  • Increased availability of historical & current data for dashboarding using Tableau
  • Robust ad-hoc analytics capability provided by BigQuery
  • Enhanced data governance provided by central repository of both source and curated data
  • New capability to source data for in-house developed applications

About The Client

  • Industry: Media & Entertainment

  • Location: New York, NY

  • Revenue: > $10 Billion

The client is a major media and entertainment corporation headquartered in NYC and with operations in LA. They have radio, TV, cable and interactive media networks as well as programming and non-media properties.