Reduce Warranty Claims by $52 Million

The value we added

in savings

VOC Quality now has around 300 users across the client organization. It has resulted in over 50% reduction in issue detection time and about 15% reduction in warranty costs for the client.

The challenge

Our client is a PC manufacturing giant with over $30Billion in Mobile, Enterprise and Personal Computer sales worldwide. They wanted to improve quality and reduce warranty claims by leveraging the power of big data.

Our solution

CoreCompete developed a solution that brings together data from various channels like reviews, forums, blogs, social posts and call center complaints and deduces the negative sentiments expressed. We combined this with structured data from quality databases to generate alerts when a product quality issue starts showing potential to snowball.

The solution was developed using the SAS Analytics platform and delivered on a cloud platform (Amazon Web Services) enabling us to handle the big data volumes in a cost effective manner.

The first phase of this solution delivery was completed in 3 months.

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