Innovation Theater: Analytics Innovation Infrastructure for Global Manufacturer

Our client embarked on a mission to transform their business using big data and analytics. They wanted to rapidly try new and innovative ideas in a rapidly changing marketplace. They needed initial investment in these ideas to be low and wanted to make a commitment once the idea was proven inside their organization.

CoreCompete was asked to design and deploy a cloud based solution that will allow them to manage their range of analytic workloads such as: text analytics, forecasting, price elasticity, supply chain optimization and self-service BI/ data discovery tools. They needed these solutions to be capable of supporting pilots across a number of initiatives while being cost-effective.

Value Delivered
The initial go-live for this ambitious system was complete in 4 weeks. CoreCompete worked closely with the software vendors and ensured that all the tools that were required for this environment functioned effectively. We supported the client to migrate POCs that were being conducted on personal machines into a managed environment that was capable of supporting incremental data loads and a large number of users. Within 8 weeks of starting the implementation, Pilot projects were live, demonstrating the value of the big data and analytics for the organization.

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