Risk Analytics: Reducing Market Risk Through an End-to-End Analytics Solution

The Client

Global banking and financial services firm with operations in 50 countries.

The Challenge

The bank was facing regulatory pressures arising from increased exposure to market and counterparty credit risks. The legacy system for risk analysis had several issues related to performance and flexibility. SAS’s High-Performance Risk Solution was chosen to re-engineer the fragmented reporting infrastructure and processes.

The Solution

Core Compete designed and deployed a Market Risk Architecture. The solution required a significant exploration of technologies, a huge data integration effort running into hundreds of jobs, and analytical processing to create and automate reports and visualizations. The client is leveraging Core Compete to run and support the environment.


  • End-to-End Risk Analytics and Reporting solution to address market risk

  • High end-user adoption with over 200 client risk analysts using the solution given additional reports, visualizations, and greater interactivity

  • Performance issues addressed through a re-architected solution that leverages High-Performance Grid to reduce latency and improve load balancing

Core Compete in Action

Core Compete designed and deployed a scalable and flexible architecture for risk management that included:
1.  A logical data model that was completely aligned with front-office market risk management processes.
2. ETL workflows to orchestrate and manage data flows from different risk data sources.
3. SAS in-Memory and Hadoop based visualization and analytics solution to address near real-time storage and analytical processing needs.
Core Compete delivered an end-to-end Risk reporting SAS environment with Visual Analytics and High-Performance Grid that reduced data latency, risk aggregation, reporting, and visualization challenges and provided high availability and load balancing of SAS services. We created report layouts and provided visualization and interactive reports with high information density. We also educated and trained client’s team for a smooth transition and adoption of the system by close to 200 risk analysts.

The Result

200 risk analysts now use the Risk Analytics solution with a highly rated end user experience.The solution has achieved all performance and scale objectives given:
1. Use of High-Performance Grid to enable reduced data latency and risk aggregation.
2. High availability and load balancing of SAS services.

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