Digital Transformation: Responding Faster to the Voice of the Customer in Product Planning

For more details on the Lenovo solution, please click here to watch a recorded version of the SAS webinar on Voice of Customer

The Client

Lenovo is a leading technology company in the personal computers, tablet, smartphone, workstation, server, electronic storage device, IT management software, and smart television segments with operations in 160+ countries worldwide.

The Challenge

With product lifecycles rapidly shrinking and intensifying competition, there was a need to find a systematic approach to bring in the Voice of the Customer and Competitive insights into R&D and Product Management.

The Solution

Core Compete developed an overall process to capture the Voice of Customer based on customer expressions across several communication channels. An interactive solution was developed to infuse specific customer insights into each stage within the Product Roadmap planning process.


  • End-to-End solution to bring in the Voice of the Customer into each stage of product planning

  • An automated framework to collect and analyze huge volumes of unstructured online data through a variety of advanced methods

  • Clear business impact demonstrated in just 12 weeks

Core Compete in Action

  • Domain

    25 million+ daily customer interactions analyzed.
    Unstructured data from product reviews, forums, blogs and social posts.
    Structured data from call centers, surveys etc.
    Framework to automate and scale the collection of unstructured customer, market and competition data online.

  • Analytics

    Analytical models for categorizing terms and detecting sentiments from unstructured data. Special handling techniques to deal with long reviews that communicate multiple concepts. These were integrated with segmentation and visualization approaches to make the insights actionable.

  • Technology

    Core Compete designed and developed the solution on AWS, based on SAS Contextual Analytics to deliver intuitive, actionable insights with visualizations that were developed in Qliksense.

  • Agility

    A 12-month roadmap was developed to address a diverse set of stakeholders and business functions. The roadmap was drawn up factoring in data quality, analytical complexity, business value and change management. An end-to-end solution was developed and deployed in just 12 weeks.

The Result

Lenovo has been able to make a significant reduction in lead time to sense customer preferences and product adoption issues. The automated approach has delivered efficiencies in collecting and analyzing a huge volume of information without an increase in headcount.

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