Analytics Modernization: Revamping Infrastructure to Support Business Growth

The Client

Cox Automotive is one of the world’s largest intermediaries in the used automotive marketplace with over $5 billion in revenues.

The Challenge

3000+ automotive dealers were using the Cox Automotive’s products for real-time pricing, inventory risk management, and transportation to transact millions of vehicles. These products were powered by several analytical models which were being refined every day by a team of data scientists. With business growth, the analytical infrastructure was experiencing severe performance and uptime issues with no support for on-demand scaling.

The Solution

Core Compete re-architected the analytical infrastructure to create a highly available, performant, and elastic cloud-based solution to power and enable:
1.  Real-time transactional API services.
2. An analytical platform for ad-hoc explorations and predictive modeling for data scientists.
3. Capabilities to execute batch workloads.


  • High availability architecture designed and deployed for all SAS and database infrastructure on AWS (Amazon Web Services)

  • All legacy data for mission-critical operations migrated using AWS Snowball with minimal disruptions to operations

  • Re-architected solution is delivering significant improvements in scalability, throughput, reliability, and flexibility

Core Compete in Action

Core Compete designed and deployed a high availability and cost-effective architecture for all SAS components and database infrastructure and migrated the entire infrastructure to AWS with no impact to operations. Furthermore, all the historical data was migrated using AWS Snowball with continuous replications of the live databases on the cloud.

The modernized architecture was designed for high availability with elastic load balancing and auto scaling. It leverages a range of AWS services such as: EC2, EBS, RDS (Postgres), S3, ELB, and Lambda. Core Compete also built a custom monitoring solution for SAS application components to provide high availability. Cox Automotive is leveraging Core Compete’s Agile Analytics managed service offering 24×7 support for this mission-critical infrastructure along with on-going solution and infrastructure enhancements.

The project was executed in just 13 weeks. This project has given Cox Automotive a platform that not only address operational needs but also provides a sandbox for rapid business experimentation and analytical innovation . After the completion of the project, Cox Automotive has switched over to Core Compete’s Agile Analytics Managed Services.

The Result

Cox Automotive has experienced several benefits from the rearchitected solution such as:
– a significant reduction in costs.
– increased uptime and reliability which has a direct top-line revenue impact.
– Increased flexibility to deploy new services and migrate additional workloads from other parts of the business.

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