Analytics Modernisation: Utilizing SAS®, Big Data and Cloud Infrastructure to deliver next generation Credit Decisioning and Customer Value Management

The Client

Vanquis Bank brings the advantages of a credit card to underserved customers, excluded by mainstream card issuers because of their previous credit history. Understanding every customer at a detailed level for potential risk and value is essential to delivering on this mission.

The Challenge

They needed to be the best at customer value management, risk management, and regulatory compliance without significantly burdening the administration. On-premise technology and applications infrastructure weren’t optimized for achieving detailed customer level understanding of profitability and risk, projecting the what-ifs for different programs and program optimization.

The Solution

Core Compete architected a new analytical platform on Microsoft Azure. This integrates internal and external data and provides a high-performance analytics environment capable of meeting demanding account level workloads. SAS’s industry-leading capabilities for model governance and data mining were deployed on Azure alongside Hortonworks Hadoop. Extensive engineering was done to meet the performance expectations for customer level value management.


  • Deployed an end-to-end SAS analytics platform for Customer Analytics and Value Management on a secure cloud platform infrastructure

  • Engineered the system to support high-performance for account level profitability calculations using SAS and Hadoop

  • Migrated existing capabilities to the new infrastructure

  • Ongoing management of the end-to-end applications on the cloud platform

Core Compete in Action

  • Domain

    Transactional data is securely managed to meet regulatory expectations. 3rd party data is integrated to support customer acquisition and relationship management. A Hadoop data lake provides both high-performance and low cost. Integrated SAS Data Management provides easy access to this data, leveraging the power of Hadoop.

  • Analytics

    Data scientists were on-boarded from Vanquis Bank to utilize modern analytical tools and model governance capability that allow easy management of models across the analytics lifecycle of development, deployment, and retraining. Generating regulatory reports on the model characteristics and performance is simplified and transparent.

  • Technology

    The customer value management vision mandated high-performance at a low cost. A modern analytics platform consisting of Microsoft Azure, Hadoop, SAS (Grid Manager, Enterprise Miner, Model Manager and Visual Analytics) was designed. Extensive engineering assessments were done collaboratively with vendors to achieve the desired performance.

  • Agility

    In an extensive 3-month pilot, Core Compete engineered the system, addressed a range of issues that arose due to challenges in integrating the cloud with the analytics applications and achieved the performance goals. Subsequently, in 8 weeks it developed the production infrastructure, incorporating the learnings from the pilot.

The Result

Vanquis Bank now has a secure, cloud-based infrastructure that is fully managed and has the ability to perform customer level profitability calculations allowing them to take precise decisions that are essential to their business. Models can easily be put into production to achieve the highest levels of regulatory compliance. Reporting and Insights can now be generated on daily updates to the data.

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