B2B Pricing

Sales and Marketing organizations that effectively leverage pricing data and insights have an opportunity to increase profits by 10-12%. These increases can be accomplished by identifying opportunities for margin expansion, analyzing price performance, and providing timely pricing guidance to the account teams.To achieve these benefits, companies need to integrate disparate data, create the right KPIs and analytical models, and manage through actionable dashboards and analysis tools.

Core Compete B2B Pricing solution combines siloed data into a powerful pricing datamart and provides analytical insights for sales and marketing organizations to quickly and easily answer strategic questions such as:

  • Who are my best customers and Why?
  • What products, customers, and channels are my best opportunities for margin growth?
  • What price changes would improve the overall portfolio margin?
  • How did the recent price change impact performance? Are there signs of emerging pricing trouble or opportunity?
  • What price or discount should I offer on this deal?

Why Core Compete

Our solution provides quick and easy access to integrated pricing data, built-in pricing analytics frameworks, powerful self-service analytics dashboards, and actionable insights for pricing, marketing, and sales teams to gain control of enterprise pricing decisions and drive revenue and profit growth.

Purpose - Built

Out-of-the-box capabilities with significant customization


Capable of addressing very large transactional volumes


Get up and running in less than 8 weeks utilizing our cloud based solution

Cost - Effective

Get started under $12K/ month and deliver rapid returns

About Core Compete B2B Pricing

Data Foundation

The integrated pricing datamart blends siloed enterprise data including structured data, unstructured data (such as customer support call text), and external third party/ syndicated data to unlock actionable insights for pricing organizations.

Actionable Analytics

Out of the Box Pricing Analytics provide dashboards, simulation models and elasticity models to a fast track solution that is cost-effective and suits your pricing maturity level.

In addition, the underlying platform is built leveraging SAS, the industry leading platform for advanced analytics that allows users to easily customize analytical models and visualizations to address requirements that are specific to your business. Customers can leverage the integrated pricing data and underlying SAS platform to create custom apps and analytical models.

This solution can be in a SaaS model or can be deployed behind an enterprise firewall. To know more about the solution, email us at

Key Features
  • Intuitive Visualizations
    Conduct pricing and pocket margin analytics using a library of rich visualizations to discover insights from any size and type of data
  • Multi-Dimensional & Flexible Analysis
    The solution allows you to drill-down on dimensions such as customer, geography, product and time
  • High Performance
    The solution’s in-memory architecture enables you to analyze even the largest data-sets at a snap
  • Security
    Control access to the data and analyses through fine grained controls that limit who can access what data or reports
  • Data Integration
    Integrate a variety of data sources and automate the process for a clean, consistent view
  • Customizable
    Built on SAS Advanced Analytics and Visualization Platform with the ability for you to easily modify or extend to suit your unique needs
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