Embrace the Power of  Machine Learning


Create an intelligent process of continuous learning and automated execution to drive disruptive business improvement.

AI Requires Mastery of…


Creating an AI Pathway to Value

It’s not easy to know the right path forward. Data is messy. Cloud technologies are complex and rapidly evolving. Where will AI deliver the best value? We work with your team to identify the best, fastest ways to untap the potential of AI and ML to drive business value.

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Assessment & Roadmap Development

Using proven tools and an assessment framework, we rapidly identify the approach to leverage your data based on the capabilities of your systems to improve business processes through the creation of intelligent automation.

Systems Creation

Prove the value and feasibility of AI / ML to solve your problems with your data. Prove the effectiveness of AI / ML to understand how best to weave that into the business process and technical landscape.

Systems Evolution

Fully develop, implement and maintain a complete AI system to solve your business problem, ensuring the quality, reliability and stability of learning and improvement of the AI solution.


We apply our large enterprise domain expertise and deep technical knowledge of AI and ML to create innovative solutions to real world business problems.

Scalable, Supportable Systems

Core Compete has tight coupling with our partner’s data science, engineering and operations teams.

  • Build scalable, supportable systems
  • AWS Managed Service credentials

Proven Standards, Methodologies and Tools
AI and ML Platform Experience

Core Compete has extensive experience and partnerships with leading AI and ML platforms.

  • Google Cloud Premier Partner
  • AWS Data and Analytics Competency Partner
  • SAS Partner of the Year, 2018

Large Enterprise Domain Experience

We architect, build and maintain powerful analytical systems for large global organizations.


Breadth of Experience

We have deployed AI and ML systems of innovation across many organizations and driving value into different parts of the business.

AI ML case studies AAP

Machine Learning & Forecasting

AI ML case studies Fossil

Machine Learning & Forecasting


ML for Operations Research & Simulation

AI ML case studies Lenovo

Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning

AI ML case studies CPG company

ML for Pricing Analytics

Connect with our AI and Machine Learning Specialists

Chris Houck, Ph.D.


Dr. Houck has been working on AI and Machine Learning ever since first using reinforcement learning to train a Neural Network to play blackjack during his Ph.D. studies. Chris has spent the past 25 years helping companies use advanced analytics to improve supply chain, merchandising, and business processes.

Ajay Mishra, Ph.D.


Ajay has 20+ years of post-Ph.D. experience, including as a tenured professor of business and international consultant. He has lead projects with large-scale data and applications of AI/ML, Optimization, and Simulation, including product recommendation, price-sensitive forecasts, store clustering, SKU optimization, and credit card approval. He loves traveling and reading.

Richard Dansoh


Richard has a background in Operations Research. He considers himself a simulation & automation nerd. He works with Machine Learning and is often bouncing between pet projects in his spare time ranging from simple HTML5 games to interactive dashboards. His favorite programming language is Python.

Charlie Hass, Ph.D.


Charlie is a Data Scientist dedicated to delivering value to business operations. Charlie obtained his Ph.D. in 2013 and has since dedicated his time to developing expertise in machine learning, document information extraction, computer vision, retail analytics, and biomedical applications. Outside work, Charlie enjoys rock climbing, cinema, and good food.