Analytics Modernization

Analytics Modernization Involves

Cloud Platform Migration, Data Warehouse Modernization, Analytical Application Modernization

Explosive Data Growth

Exabytes – 1 Exabyte = 1 x 10^18 bytes

Why Modernize Your Analytics

  • Exponential growth in data not handled effectively by current data warehouses
  • Inelastic, expensive and aging on-premise data and analytics infrastructures that do not meet current needs
  • Desire from data and analytics professionals to leverage open source technologies

What we do

Advise, Implement and Accelerate

Develop Value Oriented Roadmaps

Identify the right technologies and develop implementation roadmaps to drive agility, ease of use and financial value from data and analytics

Drive Agility and Value

Accelerate the benefits from big data and analytics through agile, cost-effective deployment and management of the technology

What we specialize in

Data and Analytics on the Cloud

  • Cloud Data Lake Development
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Managed Services
  • Cloud Migration
  • SAS Modernization

Why Core Compete

Proven Track Record

We have worked with more than 30 global enterprises over the past five years to help them migrate to the cloud and accelerate their analytics initiatives.





Cloud + Analytics + Big Data Expertise

With more than 100 AWS, Google and SAS certifications, and a Hortonworks Gold partnership, we bring comprehensive technical expertise to help you become Lean and Focused. Compared to generalist IT services organizations, we as a big data specialist are able to deliver solutions quickly and have greater customer impact.


Big data and technical experts with the agility to adapt and change. Being lean and agile allows us to better cater to our client needs and build no-nonsense teams of people.

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