Data and Analytics are Transforming the Media Industry

From Audience Analytics and Price Optimization to Post-Buy Analytics, few industries are more reliant on fast access to massive streams of data than the media sector.

The digital reality is here. Consumers are connected to content providers and services across multiple devices and mediums and at all times and locations.

More Customer Data than Ever

Media and entertainment companies are already collecting terabytes and petabytes of data and now have access to more customer data than ever before.

Through the innovative use of data and analytics, media companies can connect the dots of data to get a more complete view of individuals and groups of customers in order to unlock insights that help explore new advertising, pricing and sales forecasting models and develop improved customer experiences, products and services.


Nine Ways Data & Analytics are Changing Media & Entertainment

  • Creating Targeted Content
  • Improving Targeted Advertising
  • Optimizing Pricing Models
  • Recommending Content
  • Better Media Scheduling
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Reducing Churn
  • Finding New Revenue Streams
  • Understanding Sentiment

Analytic Solutions for Media Clients

Audience Analytics / Customer Analytics

Price Optimization / Revenue Mgmt.

Post-Buy Analytics

Data Operations / Application Mgmt.

Audience Analytics Data Lake

Cross-platform audience and ratings data from syndicated sources on cloud data lake

AI/ML based Modeling

Ratings/Inventory forecasting, audience forecasting, ad inventory demand modeling

Customer Analytics Modeling

Identify customer buying patterns and segment profiles; account level sales guidance

Price Advertising Inventory

Rate card optimization, Dynamic price and discount guidance to improve revenue yield, what-if-scenario analysis

Revenue Forecasting

Revenue forecasts across all inventory classes and markets

Post Buy Analytics – Auditing

Reconciliation of Ads delivery to syndicated audience data sources and contract guarantee

Post Buy Analytics – Reporting

Real-time view of audience delivery metrics, automated reports of delivery at various levels, self-service / ad-hoc analytics

Cloud Next Gen MSP

Migration of on-prem apps to Well-Architected Cloud, Monitoring / Optimization

Analytic Application Mgmt.

Management of Cloud + Analytics + Big Data Applications

Data Operations Mgmt.

Governance, monitoring, and management of data pipelines and operations

Media & Entertainment Case Studies

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Connect with our Media & Entertainment Specialists

Kumar Majety


Kumar over 20 years consulting, product management and marketing leadership experience and with a focus on delivering modernized analytics for global 1000 clients. He has worked at Lenovo, Intel and PWC in on innovative architecture and technology solutions. He has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and graduate degree in technology. He enjoys his family and practices yoga and meditation.

Jerry Holbus


Jerry is intent on finding teh value from data for Google Cloud Platform customers, including Media and Entertainment customers.

Sumanth Yamala


Sumanth is an architect and leads the US data engineering practice. Sumanth has experience architecting enterprise applications in analytic and pricing domains, and enabling them in the cloud. He loves nature and walking.

Richard Dansoh


Richard has a background in Operations Research. He considers himself a simulation & automation nerd. He works with Machine Learning and is often bouncing between pet projects in his spare time ranging from simple HTML5 games to interactive dashboards. His favorite programming language is Python.

Nageswara Sastry


Nageswara has 15 years of experience in architecting and implementing various cloud and analytic solutions for customers. He has previously worked for Tech Mahindra, SAS R&D and Bank of America. Outside work he likes to listen to music and play with his daughter. He is now trying to learn and understand various languages that his daughter started speaking.