Analytics Advisory

In a world where growth is hard to come by, analytics and data driven innovations are a relatively untapped area. However, most senior executives are unclear about how to make this happen in their organizations.
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of All Executives Unclear on how to get value from Big Data

How We Do It

BI and Analytics Advisory

Core Compete’s BI and Advisory services help you craft a plan to achieve business growth and efficiencies utilizing Big Data and Analytics. Through these engagements (in 4-8 weeks), we develop an organization and technology roadmap that reflects the unique needs of your organization. We create organization structures and governance models to support execution. In addition, we help you evaluate technology and service providers that can help you execute to this plan.

Agile Analytics Value Experience

This service offering helps business leaders achieve clarity on what and how to focus on among a plethora of big data ideas that will truly impact their business. We work with you to score big data projects on organizational readiness and business impact, conduct a POC for the chosen area and quantify the potential benefits to the organization. With this information, your big data initiative is not just an idea, but a proven concept. This approach also enables you to weed out impractical ideas sooner in their lifecycle.

Core Compete Difference

Our ability to create value is unique due to our:
  • Business domain experience. We bring expertise in business processes in Retail, Manufacturing, Services and Financial Services organizations.
  • Comprehensive technical expertise and experience. We have built systems from the ground up using both enterprise and open-source tools, on-premise and cloud technologies.
  • An ability to balance practical short-term goals with the long-term objectives of the programs. Compact teams to deliver implementable recommendations in a cost-effective manner.
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