Agile Product Innovation through feedback from 25 Million Customer Interactions per day

Agile Product Innovation through feedback from

customer interactions per day

CoreCompete delivered a self-service tool tailored for Product/Portfolio Managers and Executives to provide actionable insights to improve Net Promoter Score, Customer Experience, Product Features and Quality based on extremely granular consumer feedback generated from social media and call center data around product features, their likes, dislikes and wishes.

This solution is now utilized by more than 4000 Lenovo associates globally to help understand customer feedback and improve their NPS through targeted quality improvement and product development actions.

The challenge

Our client is a PC manufacturing giant with over $30BN in revenues Mobile, Enterprise Personal Computer sales worldwide. In a crowded marketplace they recognize the importance of creating a superior customer experience that will lead to enhanced NPS.

While traditionally excellent in product planning and development, they wanted to integrate Customer Insights into the process to synergize better between the innovation strides in the underlying technology and what their customers want.

Our solution

CoreCompete delivered a voice-of-customer platform to Lenovo, that was built using the SAS Analytics Platform. This solution enables Lenovo to:

  1. Take in a variety of input data (e-tailer reviews, consumer forums, social chatter, call center logs)
  2. Analyze customer sentiments at extremely granular Feature levels along with the key themes expressed by those sentiments
  3. Represent the insights in an interactive and self-serving tool based on SAS Visual Analytics

The solution was delivered on a cloud platform (Amazon Web Services) enabling us to handle the big data volumes at in a cost effective manner. We also created a collaborative Audit tool that crowdsources the accuracy audit process to maintain ongoing integrity.

The solution was provided over two significantly different versions developed in 12 weeks each and is live now.

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