Agile Analytics on Amazon

Analytics organizations need to rapidly bring large amounts of new data from a variety of sources and analyze using scalable and efficient infrastructures.

IT organizations’ departments are struggling to keep up with existing initiatives. In addition, traditional processes for data warehousing, budgeting and procurement do not lend themselves easily to innovation and agility.

Core Compete offers a turnkey solution that addresses these challenges by providing a secure and scalable infrastructure and complementary services that allow you to deliver analytical innovation in an agile and cost-effective manner.

Agile Analytics on Amazon is a managed service offered by Core Compete that allows analytics organizations of all sizes to achieve rapid Big Data and Analytics innovation.  It covers all aspects of enterprise analytical innovation lifecycle including
  • Analytical Platform modernization using AWS Cloud
  • Analytical Application modernization
  • Advanced Data Management & Automaton
  • End-to-end management
  • 24×7 front-line support
  • Enterprise Data & Application Security
  • Disaster recovery

Our solution is designed to accelerate the ability of analytics organizations to create business value.


accelerate Innovation for Analytics Organizations

Focus on analytics, not on IT. Utilize the analysis tools you want or analyze new data sources without having to wait. Test analytical innovations and analyze big data without large upfront investments. Quickly gain insights and analytics capabilities for creating high-impact business outcomes.

Empower Line of Business, Suppliers & Partners

Quickly gain access to more granular data, powerful self-service tools, and valuable analytical insights for solving business problems proactively.

Eliminate Challenges for IT Managers & Executives

Secure infrastructure that becomes an extension to your data center. Get access to analytics application level experts and capable AWS Cloud resources under one service. Engage with a team that understands the needs of your analytics teams and business users to solve the most complex analytics initiatives.

key differentiators

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