$20 Million increase in revenue through better pricing

increase in revenue

through better pricing

We delivered key pricing analysis capabilities for a market-leading lens manufacturer to identify more than $20 million in pricing benefits through more effective discounting and streamlining of annual rate increase program.

The challenge

Our client is a market-leading lens manufacturer with sales of more than $2 Billion. Lack of visibility into customer level pricing and discounting performance was leading to inconsistent price execution.

Our solution

CoreCompete created a pricing data lake by combining data from more than six enterprise systems, to provide analytical insights for pricing decisions.

Self-service pricing analytics dashboards and tools were delivered for pricing organization to easily gain visibility into customer price leakage, assess the impact of price changes, and compare price lists for improving value capture.

Advanced analytics capabilities were made available to the pricing organization to conduct powerful ad-hoc analytics.

The solution was developed and went live in 12 weeks.

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