Delivering Rapid Time to Value

Cloud Analytics

Being able to flexibly adapt to new business models, changing work environments, and extreme scalability continues to challenge even the most advanced enterprises. Winners today are reinventing how to use technology to their advantage. Cloud Analytics and Intelligent Decisioning are at the heart of this transformation.

AI and machine learning are enabling new business models, automating processes and creating contextual customer experiences. AI & ML driven transformations, fueled by the exponential growth of data and demand for faster insights, can help organizations evolve to a higher level of operational throughput and superior visibility across all areas of their business, impacting both cost and revenue cycles.

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AI and ML

Solutions that Create Business Impact

We help you take the promise of AI and make it real in your organization by delivering solutions. Harnessing the promise of AI to impact the business requires more than just smart analytics. You need a partner that combines domain knowledge with technical expertise in big data and cloud, as well as competence in AI and ML data science.

Build an Analytics Innovation Studio to increase innovation throughput. Deploy advanced analytics to test and learn. Optimize forecasts across complex supply chains. Create customer-level actions to improve profitability, risk or value. Optimize service in contact centers to improve satisfaction rankings at a lower cost. Detect product defects faster and with greater accuracy.  Optimize pricing, promotions, shelf and replenishment across billions of SKUs.


Modern Applications

We help you tame the complexity of the cloud, applications and operational solutions through our Analytical Application Modernization services. We not only bring experience in such modernizations, but bring with us proprietary tool-kits and accelerators that will deliver reliable and cost-effective outcomes.

We bring special expertise in helping customers migrate SAS into an overall cloud-based analytics ecosystem.

Kaleidoscope 1444 x 312 - 20 perc
Kaleidoscope 1444 x 312 - 20 perc


Elastic Cloud Data Warehouse

Our data lake development and data warehouse modernization services will help you leverage the power of the modern technologies such as Google Big Query, Snowflake and AWS Redshift and Hadoop to provide powerful elastic data warehouses and to cost-effectively scale your analytics initiatives.

Managed Services

Focus on the Core Business

Modernizing, operating and optimizing cloud and big data platforms requires specialized skills that are not a core competence of most companies. With expertise in all the leading cloud and big data platforms, Core Compete will securely manage your cloud and big data infrastructure, while you focus your critical IT resources on creating solutions that are unique to your organization.

Kaleidoscope 1444 x 312 - 20 perc

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